40 Antique Shopping Blogs

Shopping for antiques became a trend about 20 years ago and has shown no signs of slowing down. In cities large and small, there’s always a thrift store or antique shop to be scoured for new treasures. The Internet has made antiques and learning about the trade more accessible, so even if you aren’t in the market for anything in particular, you can devour the knowledge, giving an edge when you decide to make a purchase.

Blogs for Learning About Antiques

Before you hit the ground running for a new antique, it’s best to do your homework. Check out these blogs and websites for information you need before you head out shopping.

  1. Newel’s Antique Blog : Besides learning the basic of antique shopping at this blog, you’ll also learn what trend are coming and going and how to spot a deal when you aren’t even looking for it.
  2. Antique Furniture Blog : This is the best site for beginners as it covers all large furniture pieces and what markings to look for when in an antique shop or estate sale.
  3. Euroantique Market : Operating from an antique store in Louisville, Kentucky, this site is ripe with antique pieces and the history behind them. It focuses on Country French-style pieces and will be a hit for those who love stone and sculptures.
  4. Good Time Stove Company : Old stoves a hot commodity among serious antique lovers. Learn about the invention and evolution of old stoves and what to you look for if you’re the in market to buy. This blog also delves into the history of heating and cooling systems.
  5. 31 Corp : This is a great blog for those who know antiques as a hobby or a profession. Learn what to look for when shopping for antiques, for everything from books and coins to furniture.
  6. Asian Antique Market : Asian antiques are a hopping trend that major antique dealers are offering. Learn first-hand knowledge of the genre’s best pieces such as Japanese swords and jade.
  7. Antique Trader Blog : This site is aimed at the pros, so it gives you a wealth of knowledge in addition to the latest antique trends. This site also tracks antique events throughout the U.S. and gives great historical facts behind several of the featured items.
  8. Auction Wally : Auction Wally is the place to go to get a ballpark of price points for certain items. If you have your eye on a piece, but aren’t sure if the price is fair, check out Auction Wally and see how and why dealers arrive a price point for a piece. This is a great resource for the avid antique shopper.
  9. Antique Trader : It’s all antiques all of the time at the online home of this magazine. Learn about different styles, trends and check out the free classifieds section for your next potential find.
  10. Cul-de-sac Shack : For those who love mid-century modern furniture, this blog’s for you. You’ll covet the pieces this blogger comes across in their antique escapades, including several gorgeous Danish pieces worthy of a ’60s film set.
  11. Country Joe’s Collectibles Blog : For kitch and objects of beauty, check out this site for coverage of antique items ranging from vintage barber’s accessories to pieces of silver.
  12. Antiques Avenue : For the antique lover that’s also a fan of jewelry, Antiques Avenue will be a dream come true. The site takes a look at various vintage jewelry styles, and talks materials, make and history, so you can swing into your local antique jewelry store and sound like a pro.
  13. Collector’s Corner TV : Here, host Tammy Kahn Fennell, takes us through the wild world of antiques with web episodes you can watch at your leisure. It’s aimed at “savvy collectors,”but if you’re just beginning your journey into antiques, you can count this as a useful site for learning the trade.
  14. The Museum of Online Collectibles : With appearances on NPR and a shoutout in Wired magazine, you can bet that the writer of this site know their antique collectibles. No matter what your antique forte is, you can find out more about it at this blog.
  15. Prices 4 Antiques : Subscribe to this site’s database for $12 and access to price guides for many items. This is a smart option for those who want sell or shop on their own without the help of a consigner or dealer who knows what to look for. Be sure to read the blog, which offers fun stories on items that pass through.
  16. Antiques.com : Sit and stay awhile at this antique blog that has more content than you can imagine on any style of antiques. Peruse their classifieds section and also check out their directory of antique malls and dealers throughout the United States.
  17. Crocker Farm : The antique set is one that is full of niches, so you shouldn’t be surprised there’s a blog dedicated to antique stoneware and redware. What does this mean? Amazing jars that have even more amazing stories. Learn all about this at this site.
  18. Vintage Meld : This site is great for those starting to learn the ropes of antique shopping. An offshoot of Things-and-Other-Stuff, this site deals with random vintage items, how some gain momentum and how others lose it. An interesting read for those who love to learn about niche items.
  19. Rare Victorian Furniture : If your main antique love is Victorian furniture and decor, be sure to bookmark this blog for updates on listings and significant pieces that have sold at major auction houses worldwide.
  20. Maine Antique Digest : From the look of this blog, the antique scene in Maine is something to treasure much like the amazing finds posted on this site. This blog gives thorough lessons on various antique pieces and also discusses marketing for antique sellers.
  21. Emphera : If you’re the antique lover that is into anything old, be sure to stop by this blog for a close look at vintage papers. From posters to war journals, this site will have you learning more than you bargained for and coming back for more.
  22. Paris Hotel Boutique : Those with an affinity for beautiful things will love reading this blog that’s full of Parisian-style eye candy. The blogger discusses various styles of vintage furniture and has an overall knack for making a space look modern with antiques.
  23. Fine Estate Liquidation : Check out this site for serious history lessons on antique pieces. This site examines pieces from various online auction and antique sites and gives you a brief tutorial on the history and significance of the items.
  24. C Dianne Zweig : If you love kitchy items, this blog’s for you! The blogger knows a thin (or 10) about kitchy collectibles, so whether you love looking at quirky knick-knacks or have uncovered a piece you think might be worth something, this is a fun blog to check out.
  25. Antique Prints Blog : Antique shopping isn’t just about furniture. This blog covers all things antique prints, which is a fascinating subject that will have you glued to the computer screen.

Tips for Shopping Antiques

Even if you’re a well-seasoned at shopping thrift stores, auctions and estate sales, you know there’s always more to learn when it comes to the wide world of antiques.

  1. My Granny’s Attic Antiques : The writers of this blog own an antique store, so they’ve got all of the tips you need to know before going in to make a purchase or haggling with a legit antique dealer.
  2. Antique Therapy : We’re obsessed with this blog because it gives you endless tips for making a thrift store or flea market trip worth the digging for items you can re-finish or paint to turn them into something eye-catching.
  3. Eclectic Collectibles : This online forum is the place to be when you are shopping for antiques. The members range from hardcore collectors to antique dealers, so there’s almost always someone mulling around who can help with specific antique questions.
  4. The Elegant Thrifter : When you’re out and about and nothing catches your eye, this blog re-trains your vision of what’s beautiful by teaching you tricks of the trade that can turn one man’s trash into another’s treasure.
  5. Antiques Diva : This snazzy blog focuses on antique shopping to the point that the blogger hosts outings in various stylish cities around the globe. If you’re traveling, you must check out this site for the skinny on stellar antique shops in cities like Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam from the Antique Diva herself.
  6. WorthPoint : This site is primarily for serious collectors or dealers. It has an affordable price point of $7/month and for that, you’re able to list your item, research the piece and learn from the WorthPoint community at the online forum.
  7. Young Antiques Collector : This is a fantastic blog for the antique shopper who is more lax about their purchases and buys because of the beauty, not because of the future high price tag the antique may bring. The blogger also visits various antique events in the U.S. and chats about what’s going on in the industry.
  8. Victorian Cobweb : We love this blog because it’s written by an antique lover who clearly has a passion for the subject and isn’t afraid to share her knowledge with readers. At the end of the day, she loves learning about this stuff as much as we do and it’s apparent in personable blog posts.
  9. Urban Art and Antiques : You’ll want to check out this site regularly since it posts tons of shopping tips for antique lovers and pays special attention to mid-century modern furniture sources.
  10. 1st Dibs : The hot spot of serious antique and vintage collectors, this site dubs itself as the place for “the most beautiful things on Earth.”One glance at the amazing (and pricey) items up for sale and you’ll agree.
  11. Ask the Decorator – Shopping the Antiques Store : Once you have a clue about what you’re looking for, read this post to prep yourself for your foray into antique shopping.
  12. Escape Artist – Antique Shopping in Europe : In conjunction with the Antique Diva, this blogger came up with this invaluable post about antique shopping abroad. Remember the power of shipping when you’re in a Parisian flea market staring a chandelier that boggles the mind.
  13. Design*Sponge – Flea Market Tips from the Pros : Interior design heavy hitters tell this popular design blog how readers should approach a garage sale, the Mecca of many antique shoppers in their starter stage.
  14. Weekend Treasure : Before you start hitting estate sales and dropping serious cash, hone your craft at garage sales. Antiques can pop up everywhere and this site tracks garage sales in the U.S. every weekend, so you always have a place to be at 7am on a Saturday.
  15. Vintage Goodness : If it’s cutesy and vintage, it’s here. This blog covers funky, kitchy collectibles and gives you the scoop on the site’s eBay and Etsy stores.

Whether you dabble in antique shopping for fun or are looking to become a collector, there are many online resources for learning about eras and the design style that dominated the market at the time. As with any shopping, be a smart shopper, do your research and buy because you love it, not because it’s trendy or will turn profit in a few decades.