Top 50 Interior Decor Blogs and Articles

Everyone wants a beautiful space, but few of us can go out and snap up designer furniture and the knick-knacks that make a house a home. Even if you have the cash to drop on interior decor shopping sprees, most people don’t know what they want for their home. Are you a minimalist or do you long for a quirky look? It’s harder than you think to make a room look pulled-together.

And while living in a home that looks like it’s plucked from a magazine is nice in theory, personal style plays a huge role in decorating your space. These blogs are written by professionals and interior design enthusiasts who make decorating a fun task.

General Interior Decor Blogs

These blogs have strong communities and provide a wealth of interior design inspiration that will make you re-evaluate your space and make it a place you love to spend time.

  1. Habitually Chic : At this blog you’ll find tons of inspiration and ideas for everything from a foyer to bedroom. The author is fabulous at categorizing images, making eye candy easy to find for DIY interior decorators.
  2. Apartment 412 : This writer blogs from a rental apartment where chic DIY is all the rage. You’ll be inspired, no matter what your budget is.
  3. SF Girl By Bath : This site focuses on decor and knick-knacks, areas most of us need help in. The images will remind you that it’s not about what you have, but now it’s arranged that makes the design difference.
  4. At Home At Home : An interior decor photographer shares an insider’s look at the world of design, with plenty of eye candy from shoots.
  5. Absolutely Beautiful Things : This blog helps us examine the art of finishing touches on a space, like books, art and flowers.
  6. Elements of Style Blog : If you’re thinking of upgrading the look of your space, visit this blog for endless inspiration that will make you get moving to make your home a pretty place.
  7. Ada and Darcy : If finding a way to make art fit into your life is your obstacle, this lovely blog proves that anything beautiful you enjoy looking at on a daily basis can be made into “art.”
  8. Re-Nest : Take your space to an eco-friendly place with the help of this green interior design blog.
  9. The Neo Lifestyle : This blog provides fantastic inspiration and even lets readers in on projects the blogger is currently working on.
  10. Two Ellie : This blogger’s a pro at shopping antiques and looking at them outside of their immediate context for that perfect finishing touch.
  11. Maison 21 : We’re addicted to this cheery design blog. The blogger has a great writing style and makes design something to get excited about, even if you aren’t a pro.
  12. Flourish Design and Style : This inviting blog shows simple ways to make your space a gorgeous one (with a little effort, of course).
  13. Lonny Mag : This online magazine is great for design newbies and vets alike. The vibe is whimsical and liveable, making it one of our favorite interior design sites out there.
  14. The Selby : Designers of every type sit to be photographed at home for this well-known blog. It’s brilliant because it captures people in their authentic setting, with no heavy styling done at the last minute for the reader’s sake.
  15. Coco Kelley : This blog delves into exploring the art of displaying knick-knacks and art, and also has tons of inspiration for those wanting to implement color.
  16. Black Eiffel : This design blog is also stacked with recipes and music recommendations, but it stands out because of its interior images that provide inspiration that’s a little more accessible than a chateau in France.
  17. Elle Decor : The online home of this staple interior decor magazine is loaded with tips for renovating and is also packed with celebrity and designer home and pictures.
  18. Door Sixteen This is part personal blog, part interior design/DIY content and the mix makes the blog worth visiting again and again.
  19. Apartment Therapy : This is the grand daddy of interior design blogs. It updates frequently and has ideas for folks of every budget, no matter how much or how little space you’re working with.
  20. Manhattan Nest : This site focuses on a lot of DIY, with directions to walk you through each project. The blog proves that having a pulled-together space is attainable, even when thrift stores, Craigslist and Ikea are your primary sourcing options.

Top Articles on Interior Decor and Color

Color can dictate our mood when we enter a room. You should always surround yourself with colors you enjoy and remember that a new hue in your space can totally change your outlook.

  1. Colour Lovers : At this site you’ll find tons of colour inspiration, including how to add drama to a bookshelf by arranging books by color.
  2. Use Color Exuberantly : See the big difference a little color can make, provided that color is bold cobalt or a stunning shade of raspberry.
  3. How Color Affects Mood in a Room : Blues and greens are go-to colors for creating a serene space, but if those colors don’t tickle your fancy, explore the meanings behind other shades that add kick to a room.
  4. Decorating With Color – Where to Find Inspiration and How to Use It : All of your decor sense should reflect your personal taste. This article walks you through finding inspiration in things you naturally gravitate to and using it to decorate your home.
  5. Add Color to Your Home : With three simple steps, this article shows you how to choose a few colors to work with and use them to create a pristine look in any room.
  6. Color in Interior Design : The articles at this blog are aimed at renters, but if you own a home, feel free to pick up some interior decor tips too. Get color tutorials on some of the classics like red and yellow.
  7. Decorating with Color : This site walks you through implementing different colors with the style of furniture you already own.
  8. Decorating Your Small Space : While all-white does make a small spaces appear larger, small spaces can definitely take a dose of color with a little know-how.
  9. Interior Decorating : If you’re having trouble figuring out what colors to work with, check out this helpful blog for ideas that will compliment your favorite hue.

Top Articles on Furniture and Function

In order for a space to be truly luxurious, it must be functional. This means finding furniture that suits your lifestyle and your budget and is in tune with your overall personal style.

  1. Furniture Store Blog This blog features functional furniture that just happens look fabulous. It’s a great site to explore design-savvy options when you’re bored with what you’re seeing in furniture stores.
  2. How to Choose Versatile Furniture : This article discusses shopping for functional furniture that can be used nearly anywhere in the house.
  3. Tips for Choosing Furniture : Accessing how much wear-and-tear furniture will have to endure and how long you anticipate it lasting plays a major role in choosing furniture for a rec room or den.
  4. How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office : Working from home means creating a space that is functional and pleasant to look at (after all, you’re looking at it all day).
  5. How to Choose Furniture for a Small Living Room : A small living room may seem difficult to work with, but following a few golden rules with maximize your space and still show off your personal style.
  6. How to Choose Quality Furniture : Choosing quality furniture you’re in love with is a main ingredient in creating a stylish space you won’t tire of.
  7. Choosing Upholstered Furniture : Buying the best quality you can afford ensures you will get ample use out furniture and may be able to make a small buck if you decide to sell it when you upgrade.
  8. How to Choose Modern Furniture for Small Spaces : Modern furniture suits small spaces because of the clean lines and shapes. Learn how modern furniture can make the most of your quaint home.
  9. How to Choose Furniture For Your Child : Shopping for furniture for kids can be just as grueling as shopping for your own, so figure out what you’re looking for by studying what your child does in his or her space and adapting pieces to their lifestyle.
  10. How to Choose the Perfect Breakfast Nook Furniture : If you’re in the city, you may have a nook for dining. This article shows you how to find furniture that will suit the space you’re working with.

Top Articles on Arranging Books, Knick-Knacks and Art

These are the items that truly add character to a home. Whether you’re making a flea market purchase or a major investment, make sure you love what you bring home to put on display.

  1. Decorating – Art and Accessories : Here you’ll find tips on hanging everything from prints to art your kids make at school.
  2. 20 Tips for Accessorizing Your Home : If you’re really clueless on how to add those finishing touches to your space, take not of these 20 tips that will give you some direction.
  3. Accessories – Decorating and Design : At this Canadian design magazine’s online home, you’ll find loads of inspiration for decorating a space with art, holiday pieces and more.
  4. Hanging Art Pieces Together : If you can’t decide on a big piece of art, consider clustering a few prints or sketches together for a chic finish.
  5. DIY Vinyl Wall Art : If you’re looking for art that will make a major impact, this DIY project is easy on the wallet and can be a subtle or dramatic as you wish.
  6. How to Arrange Book Cases and Shelves : An organized bookshelf works wonders to lend a polished look to a room. Learn how to get things in order with this helpful article.
  7. 4 Homemade Knick-Knack Shelf Ideas : Need space to display your knick-knacks? A little elbow grease and money can create these floating shelves to put any collection on display.
  8. How to Display a Collection : You may love your collection, but that doesn’t mean leaving it strewn about where it doesn’t fit. This article shows stylish ways to organize your collection to make it art and get it out of the way.
  9. Top 8 Ideas for Displaying Family Pictures : Instead of throwing them in frames on an end table, consider turning your family photos into interior decor by arranging them with style.
  10. Home Decorating Ideas for Accessorizing a Room : Even a room with stark walls and inexpensive furniture can go the distance when you pay attention to accessories like book ends, wall art and print pillows or a throw blanket.
  11. Portrait of a Collection – DIY Inspiration : If your collection is too huge or precious to put on display, consider photographing it and making it a focal point for all to see.

Your home should be your haven. Even with kids, work and laundry, you should design a space that is functional and reflects your tastes. Just as you choose clothing that works for who you really are, choosing furniture, bedding and decor are just as important and should be accessed in the same way. These blogs and articles can help you hone your interior decor style. Remember to move in baby steps to avoid any major regrets and if you love something, buy it! If it brings a smile to your face every time you pass it by, it’s worth having…even if it goes against the rest of the decor in your space.