Creating 3-Dimensional Beauty: Top 40 Sculpting Blogs

In the olden days, sculptures were often limited to statues of political or religious interest. In modern times, it has become a three dimensional expression of art that can include anything from metal and stone to polymer clay or even scraps. If looking to learn more about sculpting or create your own works of art, the internet can be a confusing place.

However, this is no longer so with the following top 40 sculpting blogs. Authored by everyone from professional sculptors to art critics, they are full of tips, reviews, and even a few entries on how to make your own sculptures. There are even sections on random sculpting such as science fiction based or silversmithing.

Top Sculpting Blogs by a Sculptor

These professional and amateur sculptors share loads on their art via blog.

  1. Adam Matano In addition to featuring his own work on the blog, Adam is often known to give commentary on the world of sculpting. Categories include random items such as nature and sculpting at the zoo. He recently moved to Los Angeles and tells why in his blog.
  2. Emily’s Sculpture Journal She is a professional sculptor working in Milton, Vermont. With a degree from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Emily works as studio assistant to Canadian sculptor and mentor, Mark Prent. Check out her portfolio or read the blog to get her latest thoughts.
  3. Manuel Pereira da Silva Visit here for the life and artwork of the sculptor Manuel Pereira da Silva. Labels are on everything from abstract art to woman. A recent entry was on an modern art collection.
  4. Bonnie Jones She makes sculptures of all kinds including faeries, mermaids, and the holiday related. Her blog also features posts on daily life and musings. You can even check out her recommendations for art supplies.
  5. Ambitions Design Dani is a contemporary folk artist who sculpts and paints in mixed media. Holiday art, especially Halloween, is the specialty here. Visit to get everything from Voodoo work and even a wedding sculpture for the macabre.
  6. Eves of Light Kylo Chua is a modern sculptor who creates contemporary beauty through the fluid, smoothed curvatures of the human form. He has a craving for the elusive impact that abstract art can sometimes convey through its enderings of the human conditions. Visit to see his works or get thoughts on other related items.
  7. Lori Kiplinger Pandy She is an internationally published illustrator with many major clients. She has now focused more on landscape paintings, and of course, sculptures. A recent post was on an oil clay figure sculpture work in progress.
  8. Finally, if the above aren’t enough for you, there is the massive blogging community devoted to sculpture. Choose from community announcements, roundtable discussions, and much more. You can also share your own sculpturing through images.

Top Specialty Sculpting Blogs

Learn about an entirely new area of sculpture in the below blogs.

  1. Lilac Grove This is the spot to learn all about paper sculpting. She is a papier-mâché artist specializing in original, one-of-a-kind fantasy sculpture and wearable art including masks, props, and mythical beasts – especially dragons. See her latest creation with a blog visit.
  2. Chandra’s Box of Stars She offers a cabinet of curiosities including art dolls and creative writing. She is also a staff writer for “Faerie Magazine” and often dedicates her sculptures to them. You can also check out more on her other sites.
  3. JM Leotti Similar to the above, he specializes in fairy and fantasy sculptures. His blog offers views of his own work as well as commentary on the art world. A recent entry was on a creation named Frostlyn.
  4. Nothing Like It Robin is from Florida where she believes “most things are funnier when you flatten them.” With a propensity for toy and doll sculpturing, many of her creations follow in that whimsical way of thinking. She recently did holiday sculptures and shares more.
  5. Fetish Ghost See how ceramics and silversmithing combine on one blog here. Zygote is a foundry artisan, jeweler, and a ceramicist. Visit the blog to see more of his work and even get recommendations for your own.
  6. A Study of Nature Paul Shampine shows how sculpture and nature combine on his blog. Pages include his personal statement, cause partner, and even a specialty topic entitled Embryonic Armour. One of the latest posts was on an artist’s vision.
  7. Polymer Clay Sculpting Tips and Tutorials Stop here for sculpting help from Squidoo. Sheryl is a sculptor and jewelry designer with loads to share. Help getting started, what is polymer clay, and other guides follow.

Top Art Sculpting Blogs

These blogs discuss both art and sculpture in one place.

  1. Arts Beat This is the official art blog of “The New York Times.” Several bloggers devote their writings to culture news, reviews, and art work in general. Visit to get just the sculpting or all the art news.
  2. Art Beat Not to be confused with the above, this is the art blog for PBS. Choose from topics such as visual, film, literature, and more. They even have a special section just for teachers..
  3. Muse Stop here for an arts blog from business leader Bloomberg. They focus on arts, culture, and the business surrounding it. They offer featured columnists and podcasts in addition to the blog.
  4. Aesthetica Founded in 2002, this is one of Britain’s leading art publications. The blog focuses on contemporary art and contextualizing it within the larger cultural framework. Sculptures are often a topic of posts.
  5. Agora Art Blog Get contemporary fine arts news and advice from this New York gallery. They include helpful information and advice for artists, discussion about trends in the art world, and a forum for artists to help one another by sharing their experiences and thoughts. One of the most recent posts was on a photo sculpture.
  6. On the Block Want to know which sculptures are worth the most? Then stop by this blog from “The Wall Street Journal” to see which art is selling and for how much. Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and other major auction houses often make headlines.
  7. Art Slant Stop here for one of the leading contemporary art networks on the web. Choose the sculpture tag to get the latest happenings in the area. You can also see loads of other art news.
  8. National Gallery of Art The videos and podcasts from the NGA are definitely worth a look. Impressive sculptures, as well as other works of art, are often featured. Visit the main site with more.
  9. The Cool Hunter These bloggers roam “the USA and the globe so you’re in the know.” Works of art in all its forms are often blogged on, as long as they’re cool. With everything from LEGO cufflinks to a Puma spinstar available for the viewing, they keep their promise.

Top Sculpting Blogs by a Group

Read and learn more about sculpting in these blogs.

  1. Boston Sculptors Stop here for a landmark cooperative gallery featuring innovative contemporary sculpture from Northeast artists. They often feature an individual artist along with their works as a blog entry. Guest posts and thoughts on sculpture are also shared.
  2. Grounds for Sculpture This blog and site stand out for having such intriguing sculptures such as the Rat’s Restaurant. You can also get random items such as ice sculptures. The new season, new pieces, and much more are also discussed.
  3. Sculpture Space Sculpture Space is unique in North America for its support of sculptors, both those who come to Utica, New York, as residency participants and those who continue after their residencies as working artists. The organization selects 20 artists each year for two-month residencies. Plans for the next Mardi Gras are also in the works.
  4. Socrates Sculpture Park Click here for the site of another sculpture group in New York. They are specifically dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to create and exhibit large-scale work in a unique environment that encourages strong interaction between artists, artworks, and the public. What’s new and old are often featured.
  5. The Sculpture Center This is a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to the advancement of the careers of emerging Ohio sculptors and the preservation of outdoor sculpture. In addition to news, you can also sign up for a newsletter, get their calendar, or join in a forum.
  6. Royal British Society of Sculptors The RBS aims to inspire, inform, and engage people with sculpture. It offers opportunities to see and experience the extraordinary diversity of contemporary work and to learn from those who make it. Visit to see the newest offering in sculpture.
  7. Cass Sculpture Established in 1992, they commission outstanding sculptures. Most of them are often outdoors and are a must see. You can choose from latest news, current works, and even photographic prints.
  8. Sculptor’s Blog Visit here to get the official blog for Madame Tussauds Museum in London. Famous wax sculptors often look like the real thing. Tips for making your own are often discussed.
  9. International Sculpture Center Click here to get the blog from the same publisher as “Sculpture Magazine.” Topics include news and events, the sculpture community, portfolio, and much more. There are also other resources on the site.
  10. Novica Get a blog that is part of National Geographic here. More of a photo blog, you can view works in bronze, brass, iron, and many other types of sculpture. Other art from around the world is also featured.
  11. Modern Sculpture What do the great thinkers of our time have to say about sculpture? Stop here to find out. Quotes, works, and more in the medium are shared, as well as many other forms of art.

Top Sculpting Learning Blogs

Use these blogs to learn or improve your own sculptures.

  1. Learn Simple Sculpture Do exactly what the title promises in this blog. Lessons are often featured as video, which is even more helpful. Landmark and epoxy sculpture was the topic of the most recent lessons.
  2. Ice Carving Secrets Why should clay, metal, or stone be solely used in sculpture? In this site, many users visit to show you how to make your very own sculpture using ice. Visit to see the newest, or even add your own tips.
  3. Metal Sculpture This blog is brought to you by Santa Fe metal artist Destiny Allison. She often gives updates on her own work and thoughts. She even recently blogged about sponsor relations.
  4. Sculpture Area Get a sculpting blog from an actual class here. It is authored by the USM Sculpture Area and features loads on what the students are learning. The latest semester was recently discussed.
  5. Contemporary Sculpture Ideas and Tips More of a site than a blog, they actually feature a whole section on learning how to sculpt. Choose from lessons such as history, techniques, and tips for making sculptures. There is even a special section on where to sell your completed works.

And the above top 40 sculpting blogs are just the beginning. The art form is now being practiced more and more across the world. To find works of sculpture in your area, visit a site like They list sculptures across the globe and even have features in many different languages.