Top 30 Boutique Hotel Blogs

Boutique Hotels are the latest hot trend in hospitality. Many travelers, both seasoned and first-timers, prefer the unique, homey feel to the large chain hotel feel. From two-star to five star, these boutique hotels have provided their guests with the ultimate experience, and they have the blogs to prove it! Check out these 30 blogs that stood out among the rest of the boutique hotel blogs out there. Broken down into three categories, they are hotel blogs, review blogs, and travel blogs. If you are looking to experience the best hospitality in the virtual world, check out these blogs and book your rooms today!

Hotel Blog

These Blogs are maintained by the boutique hotel itself. From Italy, to Vegas, this list provides the best!

  1. Vdara – Overshadowed by all of the institutions along the infamous “strip” in Las Vegas, this boutique hotel has made a name for itself. Brand new with all of the best amenities possible, you will never stay at a Las Vegas chain hotel again! Play on!
  2. Rumor – Rumor Vegas is a smaller Vegas hotel, for those looking for fun, but not the masses. While this boutique hotel offers all of the top not amenities and services that the rest of the strip hotels do, you can relax and enjoy yourself without the hassle of large groups. Amazing!
  3. The Ring Hotel – The Ring Hotel is one of Vienna’s most beautiful hotels, and it is very well known around town. A self-proclaimed casual luxury hotel, the services offered at this boutique hotel can’t be beat.
  4. Halcyon – The Halcyon is a captivating boutique hotel in Bath, Avon. Luxurious and homey, this hotel has restaurant and bar services to suit anyone. A well-manicured blog makes proves that this hotel provides the best!
  5. The Charming House – The Charming House is a contemporary design hotel in Venice, Italy. While the décor is modern, the feel is sure to be homey. The blog allows guests to leave their comments and compliments.
  6. Hotel Champs Elysess – This charming boutique hotel in Paris will capture your heart. The hotel blog does a great job of enticing new visitors and keeping the current guest in the loop! A great bonus: Features of all of Paris’ must-see attractions and must-do activities!
  7. OPUS Hotels – This blog delves into the different types of hotels out there, and the turning trends. These days “luxurious” or “Five star” isn’t necessarily the best. This post discusses the emerging trends of boutique hotels and why they could be the newest thing. Check out this blog, as OPUS Hotels seem to know where it’s at!
  8. Kursonia - The Kursonia boutique hotel is in Florence and will literally leave you speechless (just after reading this blog!). The goal of this site is to “experience Florence from the inside. and for this they provide many options for your Florence travels.
  9. Sundial Hotel – The Sundial Hotel in Whistler has a beautiful blog, but an even more beautiful setting. Tucked away in the mountains, this hotel has everything you could ask for, while still remaining a true boutique hotel.
  10. Laya Hotel – The Laya Hotel, of the Grupo Mariana, is a breathtaking boutique hotel in Nicaragua. A well-kept blog that will keeps you up to date, Laya Hotel should be your next destination!
  11. La Tortuga – La Tortuga Hotel and Spa is one of Playa del Carmen’s best kept secrets. While many Mexican boutique hotels are overshadowed by giant resorts, this particular hotel has a homey feel and stands out among the rest.
  12. St. Regis – The St. Regis Vancouver may be part of a chain, but definitely has a boutique feel. From the staff treatment to the unique décor, this hotel stands out as one in a million. Known for having award-winning service, seems like it’s worth staying here if you’re in the market for a boutique stay in Vancouver!
  13. Chelsea Hotel Blog - The Hotel Chelsea Blog is an institution in New York City, and thrives on being “the last outpost of bohemia.” Chelsea is a hotspot for all NYC tourists, so this boutique hotel’s location and famous reputation always keeps the visitors coming back for more. Bonus, this blog is filled with the latest events and entertainment ideas when visiting the big apple!
  14. Queenstown Park Hotel – Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel is just another on of New Zealand’s many wonders. This eco-friendly hotel is up to date on all posts, and keeps every guest (and future guest) clued in to the hotel’s latest adventures. If you are looking for a beautiful boutique hotel in Queensland, look no further!
  15. Hotel Pulitzer – The Hotel Pulitzer is located in the center of Paris, in the Opera district. A step up from your average hotel, this boutique has amenities fit for a queen. A bonus: this hotel blog likes to keep guest in the loop of what is going on in Paris!


These Blogs have reviewed one or multiple boutique hotels. Trust these reviews, as they have been written by former guests.

  1. Paris Hotel Boutique – Paris is a beautiful city with a bountiful amount of tourists, all four seasons of the year. For this, lodging is important to any traveler, and Paris has an incredible amount if lovely boutique hotels. This blog features many of the Parisian boutique hotels, reviewing them with all the important details.
  2. Small Luxurious Hotels of the World – This beautiful blog is a compilation of all of the best boutique hotels in the world. From outstanding reviews to breathtaking photos, this site does a phenomenal job reporting where to go. Book you reservation now!
  3. Istanbul Boutique Hotels – This review of the best 4 boutique hotels in Istanbul will have you booking your ticket ASAP! If you are a boutique hotel regular, then feel confident trusting these reviews.
  4. Derwent House - This site boasts a review of Cape Town’s Derwent House Boutique Hotel. While most sites stop at the photos, “Tips for travelers” goes as far as providing videos of the accommodations around the hotel. Good stuff!
  5. Ananda - The Hotel Ananda is a wonderful hotel in Cartagena, Columbia. Quoted straight from the source (who knows all things boutiquey), “Besides an obsessive attention to the design details and museum-quality artifacts throughout, Anandá is a better value than many of its competitors in town, with larger rooms and suites that don’t require much of a premium.” Sign us up!
  6. Romantic Boutique Hotels - Love is in the air! Get away to one of these fabulously reviewed fabulous romantic hotels. The HotelClub travel blog knows hotels, so their reviews are definitely worth something. Lovers enjoy!
  7. Jumeriah - The Jumeriah Garden Hotel is now ranked as one of Dubai’s best boutique hotels. In a city so hot as Dubai, this is quite an honor. With lush gardens and a beautiful pool and Jacuzzi, you’ll never run out of glamorous things to look at!
  8. Hotels – Boutique Hotels Paris makes booking the best easy. With a reservation section ready at your fingertips, you’ll be booking Paris’ most unique and captivating hotels in moments. Au revoir!
  9. San Diego Boutique Hotels – San Diego has quickly become one of America’s favorite cities (and hot spots for tourists). Discover SD has a great review section of which boutique hotels to visit.

Travel Blogs

These seasoned travelers have done it all and seen it all. They have given great tips and recommendations for boutique hotels while traveling.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Mr. and Mrs. Smith are extremely well-traveled and have been just about everywhere. Instead of just telling their tales, they encourage readers to go out and do the same (travel the world!). If you want a real, insider’s view to the best boutique hotels, follow this blog! Also, pictures are to die for.
  2. Directory of Hotels - The Directory of Hotels is a great resource for boutique hotel lovers. If you are looking for a certain boutique hotel in particular city, this site has got you covered. Real reviews from the experts, this site is worth trusting.
  3. Poop - Escapio has a wonderful feature on romantic boutique hotels. This blog is a great hotel site for any hotel and travel inquiries, but this particular post does a sufficient job of honing in on the best boutiques hotels.
  4. Macquarie - This review of the Macquari boutique hotel from Travelpod, gives an accurate description of why this boutique hotel stands out. If you are headed to Syndey, check out this blog for all the inside scoop on where you’re staying!
  5. Epoque Hotels - Boutique hotels are the latest trend in hospitality, and the .Epoque Hotels blog has a great section on marketing boutique hotels. With backgrounds in hotels and sales, these two men started this company to make the most of boutique hotels, selling their charm and charisma!


  1. Ariyasom – AriyasomVilla is a boutique hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. This hotel stands out, as they have boutique villas ,which is a new concept in the boutique hotel world. Breathtaking views and outstanding service, author David Lees does a great job of selling this hotel!